From the beginning I was leary about this company.Fellow employees said beware of your checks--they might be alittle short.

With our slow economy, my head was clouded with feelings of being greatful to even have a job. Junk machinery, doesnt even cover the kind *** they wanted you to transport customers freight around in.

I once drove a truck with failing brakes, a screw driver for a key, gas/speedometer gauges that didnt work, no lights, balding tires.This was considered one of the good trucks---Someone needs to step in----This company is UNSAFE---Im so pissed---do yourself a favor and RUN when you see this company!!

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Ship dismantle workers in India have more OSHA compliant working conditions Than Central Transport (CRASH & TURN on you).OSHA and da Teamsters are coming for you Matty Maroun.

Enjoy those dirty martini bought by the employees of CT, cause da smackdown is coming for you and JR.

Would never recommend this pitiful place for employment and I would never ship with this company.I would pay da crack head around the corner to ship my *** in his pick up before I used this company of havoc


This company lies, the managers are a joke, the pay was eh.Benefits eh.

No vision.The owner is an impotent *** who should die of VD and rot in ***


I guess nothing changes.

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