I delivered two boxed items to a terminal in Arkansas to be picked up in Southern California at a terminal. The items were clearly marked "Ship This Side Up" and the agent at the shipping terminal acknowledged that they would be shipped standing according to my instructions. He placed a pallet next to the items and informed me that he would have his people place the items on the pallet and plastic wrap them for shipping.

When I went to pick up the items they were not standing as instructed and they were not on a pallet as promised. The boxes looked like they had been dragged part of way. One of the boxes was worse than the other. I marked the receipt with notation of the damaged packaging. The agent at the pick up terminal explained to me after I asked why the items were not on a pallet, "they came on a train and they really cram everything in on a train."

When I got home and opened the most damaged box I found that my 1040's metal storage cabinet with rounded edges had been crushed on three of four corners and the whole cabinet was kinked on one side. The top was damaged also other than the corners. Now the cabinet has fixed shelves and was built very sturdy with a unmarked paint job. The paint was scuffed and cracked where the dents occurred.

I contacted central transport and they told me that they didn't accept freight that was not on a pallet, which is of course, not true.

I sent in a claim for $180.00 and received a reply that I was only covered for 10 cents per pound for damages. Because the damage amount was so small they didn't have to pay anything, since they had to do some paperwork.

Take my advice and don't use this company for your items.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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