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They claim my shipment weighed almost 1k lbs. over what it actually weighed and I was told it might take a year to get my money back!

Now it is up to me to prove that they are wrong, easier said than done. I want them to tell me exactly what scale they weighed it on and bring a state inspector in to check that faulty scale because it's completely wrong!

Dirty tricks these shipping companies try and play with re weights and there is not much we can do about it! DON'T USE THEM I had this shipment booked through Unishippers BTW and you would think with the amount of business that Unishippers sends their way Unishippers would have them by the balls, guess not, says a lot about Unishippers as well.

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Worked at three docks for central and none of their scales worked... how bout that

Warren, Michigan, United States #1314074
Central Transport Verified Representative

Thank you for your review. The reweigh dispute process is actually very simple and is normally quite quick.

I am unsure of why/how it would take a year to be resolved. Your contacts at unishippers may be able to help you, and our website has every form as well as instructions and links for your convenience.

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