I live in Va and was denied employment by Central Transport.I have a +5 driving record in Va,but they say the since they're based out of Mich that my points would add up to -7 on their system.This is the most ludicrous mess I ever heared of. I've never been to nor plan on going to Mich. This explains why they've had a now hiring sign posted on they're property for over a year now.What's also messed up is that I passed the DOT physical and drug screen,so basicaly I waisted my time!

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Beleive me man, Them not hiring you is the best thing they did for you. This place is truly a *** hole.

I would rather live under a bridge than work at this *** hole. It is that bad.....


this company sucks i missed work to get a delivery and then they postpone the delivery and i can't miss any more work this is a horrible company they are not relailbe at all better bussines bureau should know about this they suck i will have to miss two days because of the stupiedness on this company stay away


Just because you applied to a job doesn't mean they have to hire you. This was not a case of discrimination or anything of that matter.

Grow up. You are another loser who makes this website full of people who just like to b-itch.

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