Probably won't have enough room to write everything that is wrong with Central Transport on this site. First of all they are careless with the freight that they haul.

They don't care how they treat your product. Then when they damage the freight and the consignee signs as damaged or short, they won't pay. They have millions of reasons, excuses and down right ridiculous causes that they use to get out of paying for their carelessness and inability to preform the job with integrity and honest libility. The multi million dollar company that I work for has finally stop using Central for any of our shipping needs.

We used them way to long and gave them way too many chances.

They are the worst trucking company that I have ever had the unfortunate experience with. If you want your product shipped on time, with minimal damages for a reasonable rate, DO NOT USE CENTRAL TRANSPORT!!!

Monetary Loss: $11000.

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